Hi! My name is Patrick. My lovely wife, Elis, and I have had our fair share of challenges, just like many other couples. One of those challenges made us start this website where we post review of sexual enhancers. The first impact to create, take care and publish quality and our personal content about this website and about Spanish Fly was thanks to Sinhalapage, which educated and helped us a lot.

How Our Journey Has Been

We first met in a gym as we are both very serious about keeping fit and had taken up fitness training. Since we met almost every day at the gym, we naturally became friends and with time, we both came to realize that we also had early morning runs in our daily programs and were both interested in healthy foods and good nutrition in general.

We are best friends, spend a lot of time together and it never gets boring between us. We share so many common interests, and that may be one of the major reasons why we ended up as a couple. Right from the time we were dating, we realized that we were meant to be together. Our conversations would just flow, and we both loved and hated the same things, so why not take it to the next step, we reckoned? Well, finally we moved in together.

While we were still dating, we usually met three times a week due to our tight schedules. We would eat out at some place that tickled our fancy, and Elis would spend the night at my place after the date. It was on these date nights that we had sex, and everything was going fine. In fact, we really looked forward to those nights.

Everything was fine until we moved together

It was when we started living together that I realized, even though we were compatible in many ways, we had a problem in the bedroom. Mind you, we were doing pretty well in almost every other aspect as a couple.

Whereas I had really looked forward to Elis’ weekly visit or my visit to her place and was all systems go (if you get what I mean) when it came to sex, I realized that I simply couldn’t satisfy her when it came making love regularly. I also realized that whereas she had been okay with sex twice a week and we had taken our two weekly sexual engagements very seriously and eagerly, she was getting bored and with the added pressures of issues on her mind, she didn’t seem to care whether we had sex or not.

Add to that the fact that we, as a couple, were trying to adjust to the new experience of living together as a couple day in day out, and planning our future (a rather daunting task when you have some financial constraints).

Our problems in bed

With time, we realized that our sex life was a mess. I just couldn’t function as I should in bed, had erectile problems, and couldn’t keep an erection long enough. Elis was beginning to feel like this was a chore she had to perform, yet (or so she believed) she had other priorities.

I was beginning to feel inadequate and incomplete as a man, and that was really bad for my morale. Soon the problems in our sex life seemed to overflow to other areas of our life and relationship. We couldn’t hold the sweet, long conversations we used to.

My frustration was showing, and Elis seemed to have lost her frequent smiles and playfulness and was brooding half the time. I found that I was no longer very comfortable and at ease with her, and I found every excuse I could to be away from her.

We were going downhill fast…

We were going downhill fast as a couple and we had to do something. I decided to face Elis so that together we could face the elephant in the room. To my relief, she was very understanding.

I realized that she had been rather wary and cautious about telling me that we should seek a solution to what was obviously a problem.

Then we finally tried a sexual enhancers

Powerful Sexual Enhancer

We spoke to a sex therapist, who casually asked if we had ever tried a sexual enhancer. Elis and I stared at each other with rather doubtful expressions. I had never considered that option, and I knew she hadn’t either.

Anyway, that was the beginning of our journey experimenting with numerous sexual enhancers, some of which never seemed to work, until we found what worked and what didn’t.

We then decided to start this website to share our experiences so that we could help other couples who may be having similar problems.