Our HerSolution Review

One of the benefits of sports and a healthy diet is good health. Studies have shown that people who eat healthy food have higher chances of avoiding diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. An additional advantage of eating healthy food is boosting sex life. This has also been proven after studies were done on several couples. This is because the right foods ensure that all the body functions perform their required functions properly. However, this does not automatically mean that all people who do sports and eat healthy food are guaranteed to have quality sex life.

Our personal experience

We once experienced that problem. Even with increased exercise and eating healthy diets, our sex life was not doing very well. I could not get to raise my sex drive and this lead to a lot of frustration, to my husband and I. We tried so many pills, routines and even programs but to no avail. After many trials, we heard of the women enhancer, HerSolution, and decided to try it, after all, we stood nothing to lose. Unknown to us, this was one of the wrong decisions we would ever make. After close to a month of taking the pills, nothing had changed sexually for us. It had raised our hopes all for nothing.

About the product

HerSolution is a women enhancer product that is used to increase libido in women and it is in form of pills. This is due to the ingredients like aphrodisiacs, nutrients and hers that are known to increase libido in women. Low libido in women is mainly caused by stress, hormonal imbalance, and even poor nutrition. HerSolution is a product that has been developed to help you want and enjoy sex once more. The product can be found in the official website of the brand and it also comes with giveaways like HerSolution gel. This is effective in helping you get your first orgasm. The main advantage of this product is that all the ingredients used are natural.

How to use HerSolution women enhancer

The people who desire to boost their libido should take this pills. The correct way to take the product is taking one pill every day. The effects will take up to 7 days to start manifesting. However, if you wish to experience the full dramatic effects, continue taking the pills up to the 60th day. Ensure that you carefully read the instructions on the pamphlet provided.

Pros of the product

The main benefit of the product is that they use purely natural ingredients to make the product. This guarantees you that you are not exposed to toxic chemicals and residues. This therefore means that you do not experience any negative side effects in your body when you take the pills. It is easy to use. This is because you are only required to take one pill every day, therefore it can be used by all people with ease.

Cons of the product

Even as all the ingredients in the pills are natural, some people may experience allergic reactions due to the components in the pills. In our case, I experienced a mild rash on the skin for the period of time I was using the product.

It does not work. We had heard that taking the whole packet of pills would rise our chances for increased libido. However, even after taking my last pill, there was still no effect whatsoever in our sex life, my libido was still low.

Reasons you should not buy this product

The main reason why we would discourage you from buying this product is because it does not work. After failing in our case, we scoured the internet for reviews from other users, and found that many others had failed to boost their libido with this product. We advise you not to try it because it raised our hopes, wasted our time, led us to spend our money and we ended up more frustrated in the end. We would advise you to get another product for your low libido problems.


Low libido is not only a problem that occurs in men. Actually, there are high chances of women having low libido. This may be due to fluctuations in hormone balance, stress and even psychological unrest. There are many libido boosters for women out there including HerSolution. However, when you are looking to solve your low libido problem, do not try HerSolution products because they do not work. We tried them and we ended up frustrated because there was no change whatsoever in our sex life.