Our Tryst with Zenofem A Testimonial Review

Yes, we are partners and both of us have no hesitation in mentioning that we love one another a lot. We are like any other ordinary couple. We are ambitious, hard working, caring towards one another and respecting one another. It also is a fact that being man and woman, we have our own biological and sexual needs and requirements. While there is no doubt that I am virile and strong with normal sexual urges and needs, the same was not the case with my partner. She is beautiful, charming but when it comes to performance in the bed, she became either frigid or she reached orgasms within a very short period of time. This at times put me off and I can understand the things which must have been going through her mind. It therefore is quite obvious for both of us to find out ways and means to address this problem. We have tried quite a few drugs, lifestyle changes and other such things but to vain. We both had almost given up hope until I stumbled across a product. I went through the basic information about it and had reasons to believe that it might be the way forward for overcoming the sexual problems that my beloved partner was suffering from. It certainly worked quite well on my partner and therefore I am happy sharing a few things about the product named Zenofem, its features and the way it addresses sexual problems for women.

Basic Information About The Product

Zenofem is basically a natural supplement which may have the capacity to address sexual problems amongst women. It could be categorized as a libido enhancing product for women. I believe that it is a well researched and scientifically designed supplement which improves sexual performance in women while also increasing sexual sensation which my partner so badly lacked. The second point did interest me because both of us were desperate to find out ways by which my partner could aroused in the bed and reach orgasms with regularly frequencies. This is the bed rock of any satisfactory sexual relationships between a man and women. The good thing about Zenofem is that it is made from naturally occurring substances and ingredients. Therefore it is safe and does not have many side effects associated with many other such products.

Active Ingredients

Both of us had a close look at the ingredients and we found quite a few important substances. The enhancer has Clovevine as an active ingredient. It is a famous and natural aphrodisiac and has been used by natives of Amazon for addressed sexual problems of women. It has been around for years and therefore we had reasons to believe that it is tried and tested. It is known to improve blood flow to the genital area. Additionally, there are other ingredients like Muira Puama Bark, di-agrinine malate and oat straw amongst others. Each of these ingredients has separate functions and they could help in mood enhancement and also stimulate blood flow to the clitoris and vagina. Zenofem also has an active ingredient by the name Bioperine which helps absorption various other ingredients to enhance overall performance in the bed.

Who Can Use It

My wife is very particular about the medicines and drugs which she uses and therefore she would like to know the usage of this product. We both spent some time researching and came across articles which mentioned about the various usages of the product. Zenofem basically is a product for treating female frigidity and lack of sexual urge. Therefore any woman who is suffering from sexual dysfunction would find this product quite useful. The dosage of the product is written clearly and normally 3 capsules are recommended per day. It would be advisable to stay within the recommended dosage. Those who are suffering from any medical condition or women who are pregnant should use this product only after they have checked it up with their doctors.

A Look At The Positive Results And Effects

We both as partners have reasons to believe that Zenofem has been a god send to us and the results are there for us to share with our readers. My partner started using it when she was convinced about the ingredients and the safety parameters surrounding it. She started on 3 capsules per day and the results were forthcoming with a week. From day fifteen, it was difficult for me to control her sexual urges. However, once we got into the passionate act, it was not long before she reached the pinnacle of orgasm. We are now a happy couple with the best of sexual satisfaction and both of us reach orgasm easily and at the right time after using this product.

Some Negative Results Effects

Like all such aphrodisiacs there are a few side effects which my partner was talking about. She finds the sexual desire too unbearable once she is on Zenofem. Here is my partner demanding sex almost every night and this compares so well when I recall those days where both of us slept in opposite directions without having any physical contact. This is a negative impact of this product if one would like to call it so.

Who Should Avoid This Product And Why

Based on our experiences, both my wife and I believe that it is a reasonably safe women-libido enhancer, provided then know how best to use it. However, it should not be used for women who are pregnant and if they are suffering from other sexual disorders, certain types of cardiovascular problems, kidney and liver ailments and so on. Those with high blood sugar and other lifestyle diseases should also stay away from this product unless their personal health care providers are okay with it.


My wife has been using Zenofem for quite some time now and there are reasons to believe that it has worked wonders for her. Our relationship a few months back was headed for big trouble and we thought it will break apart. We thought of trying Zenofem and did try that too. However, honestly speaking, we didn’t find that much helpful. If you’re expecting any magical results from it, you’ll be disappointed. Better we would advise to stay away from it.